First attempt in world

1. Who is the person fondly known as the Chief Architect of the Indian Constitution? —- Dr.
B. R. Ambedkar
2. First attempt in world to constitute a Constituent Assembly to frame a Constitution was
made by —- America
3. The first attempt by Indians to write a Constitution to India was done by a Committee
headed by Motilal Nehru, which is known as —- Nehru Report
4. The idea of the Constitution of India was flashed for the first time by —– M. N. Roy
5. The plan of setting up of a Constituent Assembly to draw up the future Constitution for India
was given by —- The Cabinet Mission Plan
6. The members of the Constituent Assembly were —- Elected by Provincial Assemblies
7. Which of the following word was added into the Preamble of the Constitution by the 42nd
Amendment Act, 1976? —- Socialist
8. From which Constitution was a concept of a 5-year plan borrowed into our Constitution? —-
——– USSR
9. The procedure of Amendment to the Constitution is borrowed from the Constitution Of ——
———— South Africa
10. Which country is the best example for the Federal and Unitary Governments? —- America
and Britain
11. Which of the following is not a Democratic Institution of the Rig Vedic era? —- Grama
12. During Medieval India, which kings first established ‘Local Self Government’? —- Cholas
13. The East India Company was established in the year —- 1600
14. Which Charter empowered the British Governors of Presidencies to make Bye-Laws,
Rules, Regulations in conformity with the British laws? —- Charter of 1726
15. Who started Dual Government in Bengal? —- Robert Clive
16. Who is the first Governor General of Bengal? —- Warren Hastings
17. Which is the first written document in the Constitutional History of India? — The
Regulating Act, 1773
18. Which Act created for the first time in India ‘Government of India’? —- Charter Act of
19. Which Act created for the first ‘The Supreme Court’? —- The Regulating Act, 1773
20. First Law Commission was appointed in India for codification of laws under the
Chairmanship of —– Lord Macaulay
21. Which Act made the beginning of a Parliamentary System in India? —- Charter Act of
22. Under which of the following Act, the Crown of England took the affairs of the
Government of India into its own hands? —– Government of India Act, 1858

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