IMPORTANT COMMITEES in the Indian Economic system

🔆IMPORTANT COMMITEES in the Indian Economic system:

1. Urjit Patel Committee
🔸To examine the current monetary policy framework

2. Vaghul Committee
🔸For Money Market In India

3. Rattan P Watal Committee
🔸To boost digital payment system in India

4. Raghuram Rajan Committee
🔸For Financial Sector Reforms

5. Raja Chelliah Committee
🔸For Tax Reforms

6. Rakesh Mohan Committee
🔸Small Savings

7. Naresh Chandra committee
🔸For 14 member task force on security issues

8. P J Nayak Committee
🔸Governance of Boards of Bank in India

9. Parthasarathi Shome :
🔸For Tax Administration Reform Commission

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