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National Defence Academy and Naval Academy Examination : In compliance with the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India’s interim direction permitting women candidates to take part in the National Defence Academy and Naval Academy Examination (II), 2021 by its order dated 18/08/2021 in WP (C). No.1416/2020 filed by Kush Kalra Vs. UoI & Others.

National Defence Academy & Naval Academy Examination (II) राष्ट्रीय रक्षा अकादमी तथा नौसेना अकादमी परीक्षा (II) Only for Women Candidates/केवल महिला उम्मीदवारों के लिए

Notice Date24-09-2021
Closing Date08-10-2021 till 1800 hrs / 1800 बजे तक

The Union Public Service Commission has decided to open the online portal of application on its website ( for this Examination to enable the unmarried women candidates ONLY, who are otherwise eligible in terms of nationality, age, marital status, educational qualification, etc.

as per the Notice for the said Examination (No. 10/2021-NDA-II), which was published on 09/06/2021 and is currently available on the Commission’s website.

Physical standards and number of vacancies for women candidates would be notified after receipt from Govt. of India (Ministry of Defence) in due course of time.

The application will remain open for women candidates from 24.09.2021 to 08.10.2021 (till 6:00 P.M).

No application will be accepted beyond the prescribed last date/time, i.e., 08.10.2021(till 6:00 P.M) or through any mode other than the aforesaid online mode.

The Examination is scheduled to be held on 14.11.2021. Women candidates are not required to pay fee for their application for this Examination.

The admission of the women candidates in the National Defence Academy and Naval Academy Examination (II), 2021 will remain provisional and subject to the final outcome of the WP (C). No.1416/2020 or such other order(s) as may be passed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court and action by the Government of India in the matter.


Part-I Registration भाग- I पंजीकरणClick Here for PART I भाग- I के लिए यहां क्लिक करें
Part-II Registration भाग- II पंजीकरणClick Here for Part II भाग- II के लिए यहां क्लिक करें

Corrigendum to the Notice No. 10/2021-NDA-II

If a candidate, of any gender other than female, applies then the candidate will be liable to penal action in terms of Rule 7 of the Rules for this Examination including debarment for 10 years from appearing at all future Examinations/Recruitments of the UPSC “.Applicants should note that there will be a ceiling on the number of candidates allotted to each of the Centres. Allotment of Centres will be on the ‘first-apply-first allot’ basis, and once the capacity of a particular Centre is attained, the same will be frozen. Applicants are, thus, advised that they may apply early so that they could get a Centre of their choice.

आवेदकों को ध्यान देना चाहिए कि प्रत्येक केंद्र में आवंटित उम्मीदवारों की संख्या सीमित होगी । केन्द्रों का आवंटन ‘पहले आवेदन -पहले आवंटन’ के आधार पर किया जाएगा, और केंद्र की निर्धारित सीटें भर जाने पर इसे रोक दिया जाएगा । आवेदकों को इस प्रकार सलाह दी जाती है, कि वे जल्दी आवेदन करे जिससे वे अपनी पसंद का केंद्र ले सके ।

NB : Notwithstanding the aforesaid provision, The Commission reserve the right to change the Centres at their discretion if the situation demands. विशेष टिप्पणी : उक्त प्रावधान के होते हुए भी स्थिति के अनुसार, आयोग अपने विवेक पर केन्द्रों को बदलने का अधिकार सुरक्षित रखता है।

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