Spotify Team Recruitment (ATTACCA)

Spotify Team Recruitment (ATTACCA): In preparation of the next comeback in October, @svtbillboard will once again recruit Carats to motivate and stream together for SEVENTEEN to chart on Billboard!

Hello, Carats!

Spotify plays a big role in Billboard Charts and in SEVENTEEN’s international recognition so we are hoping for Carats’ support for this project.

To be a part of the team:

– You need to be a Carat
– If you’re part of another fanbase/project, you need to be able to manage your time
– You like team work, you’re communicative, positive, and motivated
– You are familiar with streaming platforms or eager to learn
– You need to be able to stream for long hours (min 6 hours)
– You have a Premium or non-Premium account on Spotify (NO SPOTIFY APK)

We have two projects. You will be informed of them if you pass the second screening.

Both projects’ end goals are:

– to make SEVENTEEN songs more popular on Spotify by making them appear in global or your region Spotify playlists and potentially on a radio
– to help SEVENTEEN get charted on Billboard Charts
– to help SEVENTEEN get nominations at the Billboard Music Awards

Process of recruitment:

Round 2 – Interview
Round 3 – Trial Streaming


Thank you so much!

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